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Over the past decade, Delhi’s highly rising pollution levels have become a grave 
concern. Perturbed by the issue and adhering to its responsibility towards increasing 
the greenery all over the city, Candyyfloss took an active participation in planting 
trees by becoming a part in the mega tree plantation drive.
 Children were also given a pep talk regarding the disadvantages of continuously 
reducing green cover around the city and also regarding the corrective measures of 
planting trees in order to curb down the pollution levels & other environmental hazards.
    Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great pomp & festivity in Candyyfloss on 31st Aug’18. The air was filled with joy and festive spirit all around. 
    Tableaux depicting 
    5 different scenes - Krishna Janam, Govardhan Parvat, Kansa Vadh, Raas Leela and 
    Krishna-Sudama Milan were the main attraction.
    Children were dressed up in various important characters like Krishna, Sudama, Kansa, Yashoda, Devki, Radha etc..They enjoyed enacting  and at the same time got to learn a lot 
    about the festival.
    Indeed, a great exposure and experience for our tiny tots, which shall remain with them for all their life.
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