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To integrate the learning by the little ones, ITL Candyfloss conducted 'Colour Fest combined with sensory play activities' from Monday, 22nd April - Friday 26th April 2019. To inculcate the sense of basic colors i.e. Red , Green, Yellow & Blue, in the younger learners, they were asked to dress up in the same colour attires on their respective colour day & variety of fun oriented sensory play activities were planned for them. Through these interesting tasks the children were made aware about the importance of different human senses i. e. touch, smell, hear, taste and visual.
    School is a garden for children. These early years are very important for a child’s life. Above all, it’s the time when the blooming buds are ready to undergo a transition in order to become a beautiful flower. Therefore, with great sense of responsibility mixed with pleasure, ITL Candyfloss planned a lively and eventful 
    welcome for our new members, with the help of various interesting activities which enhanced the fine motor skills of the little ones
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