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Candyyfloss, in an endeavour to foster love for reading and to enhance the effective communication skills of its students, conducted ‘Literati Week’ from 6th  - 15th February 2019. 
The students were made to participate in fun filled activities like Spin the Wheel - Making words/ sentences, Play with the dice - Enact as mentioned,  Alphabet Wristband Making . 

Story dramatization took place in Pre School & Pre Primary in which two stories ‘The Sun & The Rooster’ and ‘Ekki & Dokki’ were depicted, scene by scene,  by the children for four days. The props and the area were all used to their full potential. The icing on the cake was the ‘Intra Class Show & Tell Competition’ based on the theme ‘My Favourite Toy’. The students dressed up in beautiful attires carried their favourite toys and narrated lines on them. These activities helped the students to develop their creative imagination as well as public speaking skills.
    When is the Republic Day of India celebrated?"
    "What does the term ‘Republic' mean?"
    "What is the difference between Republic Day and Independence Day?" 
    To satisfy the curiosity among the lil’ ones who come up with such questions, We, at Candyyfloss celebrated ‘Republic Day’ with great zeal and fervour. Children were made to understand the significance of Republic Day and the teachers presented a wonderful assembly by depicting different states through their folk dances and also sang melodious choir ‘Vaishnav Jan Toh Tene Kahiye jey’.  Students dressed up as ‘Narendra Modi’, ‘Ram Nath Kovind’, ‘Mahatma Gandhi’, ‘Dr B R Ambedkar’ & ‘Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’ glorified the assembly by enacting as the character and also, by giving useful information to all. 
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