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Republic Day Celebration at ITL Candyfloss was a celebration of diversity wherein children were dressed up as inhabitants of 6 states of India -Nagaland, Jammu and Kashmir , Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan, Goa and West Bengal . The students brought the classrooms to life with their beautiful dance n attires. The teachers made them aware of India's President, Chief Minister , staple food, dance, language and attire of these states. The premises of the school reverberated with patriotic fervour and enthusiasm .

    ITL Candyfloss grooved to the excitement of Christmas celebrations. Our little ones enacted in the skit based on the birth of Jesus Christ.  The entire school echoed in the Carols sung by our students like 'Aaya Masih Duniya Mein Tu' and 'Kya Din Khushi Ka Aaya 'etc. Students relished their favourite food and got the thrill by partying with each other keeping the spirit of Christmas alive.
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