Life @ ITL Candyfloss

Class Library

Children start to learn from the time they are born, we continue to help them in this by providing them with interesting activities like reading, listening, colouring etc. Each class is provided with a class library to help the children explore, experiment, question and conclude.The books are selected on the basis of their age, curriculum and interest.

Drinking Water

The students are provided with clean and safe drinking water which comes from the RO Plant installed within the school premises.
Water dispensers are installed on all the floors and make it convenient for the students not to carry their water bottles.


A hygienic and well equipped cafeteria ensures healthy starters and nutritious mid day meals to all the Candykids. 
The menu for each month is planned and approved by the Head Mistress and the Nurse keeping in mind the nutritional value, taste, liking and needs of the children. 

Medical Room

The school clinic is well equipped with beds and required medical aids.
It is looked after by a trained nurse and specialists on the call. A periodical medical check up is done of every student by a visiting team of specialists and a health card is maintained with the follow up of a parent. Parents are informed if the doctor finds that a child needs special medical attention.


The sensitivity, imagination and creativity is developed in the Candykids through Music & Dance wherein they explore the elegant world of ‘Bhav’, ‘Taal’, ‘Mudras’, and ‘Nritya’.
A sense of rhythm, grace, agility and flexibility are manifested in the Candykids which brings them closer to our cultural heritage.


Educational trips and outings are a regular feature for the Lil ITLeens and they enjoy it every quarter of a month.
These trips are organized by the school keeping in mind the weather conditions, age group and theme.


Introducing children to games and sports is not only for the physical fitness of a child,
but also for his mental growth. Participation in sports and physical activities like swimming, yoga, skating, aerobics etc.
helps to sharpen the reflexes of the little ones and helps not only in the development of a sound body posture but teaches them team spirit and discipline.