Vision & Mission

With a firm footing in our unshakable principles, unassailable morals and sublime ethics, we at ‘ITL Candyfloss’ strive to keep the sensitivity of the human heart alive to ‘Fellow Beings’ and ‘Mother Nature’.

We aspire to lay special emphasis on:• Perseverance in the pursuit of ‘Excellence’ through applied learning fused with uneclipsed affection and ‘Tender Loving Care’.• Providing a stimulating environment to each child to develop fundamental life skills.• Treading  the  path of excellence in every realm that makes a difference –Scholastic; Sports; Performing arts and more.• Laying  foundation of  sound  character through all aspects of school life where the toddlers evolve through exploration  and learning.

The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people. Aiming at development of  the mind; body and spirit of  each child, we accentuate the focus towards:

• Development of a flexible  curriculum   based   on   an innovative child - centric approach.

• Developing physical and mental  skills through  active participation in varied physical activities like sports, games, aerobics, yoga, horse riding and swimming.

• Nurturing  a  spirit  of  enquiry  and  the  qualities  of   an inquisitive learner.

• Facilitating self-discipline, co-operation,  team  spirit, leadership and competitive zeal.

• Providing a robust foundation to meet the future challenges in the process of  advancement

• Endowing the children with a sense of National Pride and its  rich cultural  heritage, ensuring contribution  towards building a stronger nation in the future.

• Inculcating positive attitude and values for life.