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ITL Candyfloss celebrated its 'Sportspree Jamboree', woven around the theme 'CIRCUS' with great zeal & fervour. The program began by invoking God's blessings through a melodious choir. Our little ones scorched the racing tracks by  competing in variants of individual races like 'Animals in the town', 'Steeplechase' & 'Funny Clowns'. The entrancing 'Bambooka Drill' & 'Yoga through story enactment' was presented meticulously by the tiny tots. Theme based 'Dance-Ma-Tazz'  & Rolling Skaters captivated the audience. The programme was an amalgamation of various hues befitting the theme wondrously.
Everybody went home as a winner having imbibed the spirit of leadership, sharing team spirit and tolerance which is synonymous with sports. It was a day well spent with happy and vibrant smiles all around.
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