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To commemorate the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna known as the supreme God of Hindus, we at ITL Candyfloss are celebrating 'Krishnotsav' wherein the little ones will be depicting the life history of Lord Krishna, divided into five scenes, from Monday, 19th - Friday, 23rd August 2019. Hence, today with great enthusiasm, the little ITLeens dressed up in the beautiful attires depicted the scene of Lord Krishna's birth through which we showed Devki and Vasudev imprisoned by King Kansa,  Vasudev going to leave Krishna towards 'Gokul Dhama' at Baba Nand's house and people celebrating Lord Krishna's birth at Gokul.

Today, we revealed the significance of 'Govardhan Puja' to our children in which they were made to perform its rituals, seeing which 'Indra Dev' gets annoyed and punishes the people of Vrindavan by sending terrible rain clouds to flood their land. The frightened and helpless inhabitants of Vrindavan approached Lord Krishna for help. Krishna, who understood the situation perfectly well, lifted up the entire Govardhan Hill at once with His left hand, and held it up like an umbrella. For seven days they stayed under the hill, safe from the terrible rains.
This was how the false pride of King Indra was shattered to pieces. He came to Lord Krishna with folded hands and prayed to Him for forgiveness. Shri Krishna, being the Supreme Personality of Godhead, bestowed his grace on Indra and also enlightened him about his ‘Dharma’ and duties.

DAY 3:Jo hai albela mudnaino wala,
Jiski deewani brij ki har baala
Woh kisna hai!!!
Raasleela signifies the unification of the individual soul with the highest soul. It is considered as "Dance of Divine Love" & today i.e. the third day of janmashtami week was the most colourful and vibrant day of the week. Children were looking so beautiful and the whole ambience that was created in the classroom was mesmerizing .It was looking as if Vrindavan itself has come to the land of ITL Candyfloss where our tiny tots were dancing on the beats of melodious songs and hymns. Also, the children were given a brief explanation about the significance of 'Raas Leela'.

Mathura King Kansa who was maternal uncle of Krishna tried to kill him by sending the demons. Lord Krishna being aware about his brutal behaviour on the people of mathura, finally arrived there and slewed his uncle Kans thereby putting an end to his cruelty. This scene was depicted by the Little Itleens on the 4th day of 'Krishnotsav' to convey a lesson that one should not boast on his deeds & wealth and should always follow the path of righteousness.

The story of Sudama and Krishna has a great value in the Hindu world of legends.  
One fine day, when Sudama went to meet his friend Krishna, he was delighted to see his friend Sudama and welcomed him with great respect and warmth. He even washed his tired feet with sandalwood and warm water to make him relax, and let him sit on the throne. So, through today's scene enactment, our children were explained about the importance of true friendship which never seeks richness or poorness. It is all about love and respect. Like Krishna and Sudama, one should never forget one’s friend, and should always try to respect him/her despite their conditions. If it is possible, one should try to help the friend. As the saying goes, a friend in need is the friend indeed.
    We at ITL Candyfloss celebrated 'The Independence of India'  which reminds every Indian about the dawn of a new beginning, followed by conducting the diversified festivities  of this democratic country from 5th to 13th August 2019. Through this integrated jollification, the children were taught to enact and perform different traditions in different scenes which helped them to extend their love & respect for all other communities. The children were made aware about the importance of cleanliness and conserving water as well. Last but not the least, the activities were concluded by making posters on saving water, planting trees and saving environment by Pre School and ' Speaking Slogans' by Pre Primary Classes.
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